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Technical Quiz

A quiz is a game which can also be called a mind sport wherein the players, either as individuals or in teams attempt to answer questions posed to them correctly, in order to win a prize

Paper Presentation

Paper presentation is an individual competition where each participant is required to make a paper about a given topic or area, and then present it in front of the juries.

Project Expo

Project Expo is a technical event in which the participants should prepare their project at home and they have to bring the project to demonstrate before the judges.

Poster Presentation

Posters have become an increasingly popular method for presentation at conferences, as they promote greater interaction between researchers and conference participants.

CAD Modelling

Computer-aided design is the use of computers to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. This software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing.

Coding Contest

Competitive programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants are referred to as sport programmers.

Idea on kit

The Idea on kit Competition is designed to facilitate the development of great ideas and help those ideas find fulfillment.  Participants compete for prizes that include cash, mentoring, and engagement in the incubator process to help develop those ideas.


JAM is an interesting competition to encourage students to showcase their communication ability. This competition gives excellent opportunity for the students to further develop their communication capabilities through the challenges that they are made to take on during the competition


The idea behind the competitions is to give writers the opportunity to have their work critiqued and compared to their peers while they hope to win a prize. In addition, the submissions can be used to create popular online content for the organizers who, in turn, may publish an anthology of all the best submissions.


It seems like poetry used to get a subtle scoff and eye roll from onlookers as it was viewed as a pastime for ultra-moody, beret and sunglasses wearing hipsters slapping bongo drums in a quiet coffee shop. But with society’s growing obsession with social media, even poetry has taken on a modern makeover.


A hackathon is a competition designed to encourage participants to apply their knowledge, creativity and skills towards solving a problem through a piece of software (like an application) that addresses the problem, for a business or organization


Coding Automata is an event where individual players attempt to find the errors in the given question and try to get the required output. We have designed this event as, analyzing the bugs in the given code enhances the coding skills of the student and also gives the completeness of the language.This event is one of the events conducted by AMPLE 2023.

About us

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In the workshops at NYFA’s 3D Animation & VFX School, students learn the fundamentals of 3D animation and visual effects using the industry-standard Maya software. Through hands-on projects, students study movement, weight, timing, character development, and much more, learning everything from how to perform basic modeling to creating their own original 3D computer animated film.


A Video Editor is tasked with taking the raw footage shot by a film crew and director and turning it into the final product. This means following an outline, script or shot list and assembling the footage into one cohesive video or film. Often in video and film work, there are many camera angles and takes recorded.


A system is an arrangement in which all its unit assemble work together according to a set of rules. It can also be defined as a way of working, organizing or doing one or many tasks according to a fixed plan. For example, a watch is a time displaying system. Its components follow a set of rules to show time. If one of its parts fails, the watch will stop working. So we can say, in a system, all its subcomponents depend on each other.


The field of robotics also intersects with issues around artificial intelligence. Since robots are physically discrete units, they are perceived to have their own intelligence, albeit one limited by their programming and capabilities. This idea has generated new debates over traditional science fiction theories, such as Asimov’s three laws of robotics.


Life skills are defined as “a group of psychosocial competencies and
interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, solve
problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively,
build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with and
manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.


The workshop will focus on chat bots and the introduction to machine learning. Participants will learn about the latest developments in the field, including Google’s Dialog Flow, and will have the opportunity to create their own chat bot using this platform. The workshop will also cover the latest advancements in chat GPT.


Intellectual property (IP) law is often viewed as static, when it is actually chameleon like, constantly changing to reflect technological and social developments. This article discusses how IP as we know it today – in the classical fields of copyright, patent and trademarks, and in their interaction and beyond – has developed alongside changes in technology, globalization, and society, taking into account their interrelated nature and how they  prophetization and affect the balancing of interests

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