Coding Automata is an event where individual players attempt to find the errors in the given question and try to get the required output. We have designed this event as, analyzing the bugs in the given code enhances the coding skills of the student and also gives the completeness of the language.This event is one of the events conducted by AMPLE 2023. We hope that this event brings out new coding strategies among the students and makes them interested in coding.

   This event is played by two players

   The Entry fee for this event is 50 rupees


  • This event consists of 2 rounds and the students are shortlisted in the first round.
  • In the first round, the student must detect the error in the given basic program and get the required output.
  • The top 10 students are qualified based on the speed they complete the code and promoted to the second round.
  • In the second round, the student will be given a little trickier program to detect the bug and get the required output.
  • The student who completes the program faster is considered and the top 3 students are declared as winners.


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