Hackathon is a contest where it can be performed by team or individual, the team should present their POC and explain about the solution, and the problems are mentioned below, the participants should select any one of this problem listed below and prepare their own POC . The poc should be sent to given mail within date.

This event is conducted to know the student’s ability to solve a problem and improving their presentation skills. This event is one of the events conducted by AMPLE 2023. We hope this event changes student thinking ability.

  • This event is performed by individual or team (4 members max).
  • Entry fee for this event is 200 rupees.
  • Winners get prize money.
  • Participation certificates will provide
  • Last date to submit abstract is 27/02/2023

Note: POC means Proof of Concept

mail:- avishkarclub@svce.edu.in


  • Women safety & security
  • Traffic control
  • Food adulteration
  • Waste management
  • Energy saving measures / battery charging techniques
  • Agriculture
  • Tribal self-employment
  • Electric vehicle
  • Health
  • Gaming technologies &
  • Others


  1. Abstract must be within 200 worlds
  2. Send your abstract to the given mail within date.
  3. Once registration is done, no refund schemes are present.
  4. For a group maximum number of students is 4.
  5. Marks is allocated depends on POC of the idea.
  6. Prototype is not mandatory.
  7. Prize money depends on number of participants


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