Idea on Kit is a contest to enhance the thoughts of students. There will be kits with titles mentioned below.

                1.Automatic gas leakage detection system.

                2.IOT based coal mine safety health monitoring.

                3.Mobile phone detector.

                4.Automatic object sensing dustbin.

                5.Fruit plucking robot.

                6.Cloud assisted school children tracking.

                7.Audio level indication using LM3915IC.

                8.Automatic rain sensing alarm

 We will give a demo session on the kit and it’s drawbacks. Then after we assign a time of 30min to use your brain wisely, as here you have to give a proposal based on kit improvement, extension of kit in other fields and it’s real time application.

*NOTE: Kits are assigned to each team at instant. So participants should come with basic Idea on each kit.

*If you have any Idea of your own , It is accepted to represent .


  1. 1.Participation can be team of maximum 2 members.

    2. Registration fee is 100 rupees.

    3.Judgement is based on rating given by participants and judges.

    4.Certificate and Cash prize will be provided.

    *if any queries mail it on


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