A robotics workshop works on the concept of STEM education (Science, Engineering, Technology, Maths). STEM education encourages a hands-on learning approach in an interdisciplinary and applied format. Students understand various topics from the real worlds as concepts not of any individual subject but as a cohesive, integrated learning approach. A Robotics workshop uses Robots to teach the concepts of electronics and electricity to students. They also learn about the mechanics by the way of the motion of robots and different parts of it. This also makes way for the learning of various physical and mathematical concepts


As there is no specific subject for robotics in engineering curriculum, students looking to develop robotics skills should attend a robotics workshop to acquire those skills. Robotics workshops are a must as Robotics is an area which can only be learnt through hands-on experience. On attending workshop audience may get the answers for what is robotics? To build career in robotics what should we have to learn…?


  • Introduction to Robotics & Robotics Systems.
  • Understanding robotics systems in depth and its applications.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • Certificate will be provided.


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